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The transducer transmits ultrasonic pulses though a rotating (1,800 rpm) 45° mirror and receives
the pulses back from the inner and outer walls. A digital rotary B-scan displays the condition of inner and outer walls so that inspector can inspect the defects at a glance.

Outstanding Features
  Self calibrating 
  Extremely accurate (± 0.05mm) (0.002")
  Tube lengths up to 30 meters (99') 
  All tube sizes from 8.6 mm (.34") I.D through 88.9 mm (3.5") I.D
  Optional flexible centering device capable of negotiating 45° bends in 25.4 mm (1") I.D to 57 mm
    (2.25") I.D boiler tubes
  Documents calibration and inspection data on-site
  Probe advanced by encoded drive motor
  Menu driven operating system 
  Operates in metric or Imperial measurements 
  Custom designed for this specific purpose (Not PC based) 
  Reliable and repeatable inspections! 
  Collected data can be stored in the memory and printed out either on site or in office 
  All functions are included in one unit and easy to carry 
  Easy to use and designed to be endurable at hostile environment 
  All settings and measured values are displayed and printed 
  A remote controller controls motor drive 
  Suitable for inspection service 

  Inspection of heat exchangers tubes in power plants, petrochemical and oil refinery companies 


IRIS - 9000

IRIS 9000 Version 3.08
  Inspection Ranges: 30 meters Maximum (12.2 mm ID ~ 63.5 mm OD) 
  The memory can hold 180 graphics and data 
  Automatically detects the defects below set point (minimum thickness) with alarm beep  
  Optimum inspection speed: 2.54 m/min  mm/inch conversion 
  Sensor: 15 MHz immersion transducer  Displays the location of the probe in the tube 
  Additional VGA monitor and printer can be connected 
  UT instrument: Designed uniquely and installed in the main unit 
  Up to 70 report forms in English can be stored and printed 
  Vision See-Scan C-scan and report software (version 4.0) 

Pre-treatment of tube before Inspection
  Hydro Blast   10,000 psi at 34 g.p.m 


IRIS Tirbine and Sensor  


IRIS-9000 Software


            See-Scan Program (click for details) 

               Data acquired in actual inspection 
                          (click to enlarge)
System Requirement for See-Scan

  450 MHz Pentium III PC [min. 250 MHz Pentium II]
  96 MB Ram [min. 64 MB] 
  4 GB hard drive [min. 1 GB] 
  120 MB super drive [min. 1.44 MB floppy] 
  CD Rom 

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